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The Ab Sculptor

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The Ab Sculptor

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What our customers say…

We wish you well in your new premises, just to let you know I use my equipment most days for about 1 hour, I have lost 4 stone 9 lbs and now a size 8-10 , so all the hard work exercising paid off  I achieved my goal in August, so now just maintaining and will keeping it up.

Maybe we might make it to your new premises but we don’t need anymore equipment, really pleased with what we have.

Best wishes, Celia and Tom


Let Getting Fit be easier Physical Activity has been described by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges as the ‘Miracle Cure’. Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson believes that physical activity has the power to transform our health, communities and our economy. She said that we should be promoting wellness rather than waiting to treat illness. Studies have shown that even cancer survival rates increase with more exercise.

Just twentythirty minutes a day of being active makes all the difference. We feel stronger, better about our bodies and we feel more positive. Researchers have found that regular exercising boosts moods, reduces stress and lowers the risk of depression. “Only a few years ago I had high blood pressure” admits Andy, aged 58, owner of The Cardio Shop. “My mother had heart problems and my father had diabetes, so I was worried. That is when I started exercising, to try and lower my blood pressure and cholesterol, It took a while , but now I feel fitter than I have done since I was a teenager!”

Enjoy your home fitness workout by varying the home gym equipment that you use. The stationary bikes and folding treadmills don’t take up much room and they are great for cardiovascular exercise. The core muscle equipment will improve your balance, posture and overall well-being in just a few minutes every day. For all around body toning choose one of the vibration machines which will also help you lose weight. If you are a wheelchair user then it is very important to keep the muscles active. Try using a passive walking machine or a vibrating kettlebell for your arms. “

You are never too old to do a little more exercise and you are never too busy to find time for your health” says Andy. ” Owning your own fitness equipment means you can exercise at times that suit you. A little bit of exercise a few times a week makes a massive difference”.

Remember that you should always check with your doctor before taking on any new physical activities if you have a medical condition. If you are trying to lose weight, it is always best to combine physical activity with a calorie controlled diet. A Daily Vitamin capsule will help ensure you have the right vitamins, and a Diet or Vegan Protein Shake will give you plenty of protein.

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