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The Ab Sculptor

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This is a Revolutionary 6 in 1 Ab sculpting system. It comes with an exercise DVD.


  • Product measures: 56.5 x 51 x 62.5cm

Andy's Ab Sculptor Review

It is a simple design and very light to carry around, weighing in at at only 6kg. It is easy to store as it is only 52 x 45 cm. But it really does a great job. If you want to strengthen your core muscles the Ab Sculptor is for you.

It comes with an exercise chart and a DVD to help you get the best out of this Ab Sculpting system. The DVD is a complete 17 minute workout that will most definitely strengthen your core muscles.

There are six recommended exercises but you can develop variations that suit you.

Forearms and Biceps:

You can easily exercise your forearms and biceps by kneeling on the floor and simply pushing the bars down repeatedly. You can adjust the tension by simply turning the knobs to make it as easy or as hard as you want.

Sit Ups:

Sit on the pad and lean back onto the handles. It is so much more comfortable than doing sit-ups on the floor or on a mat.


Exercising and strengthening your triceps could not be easier. Sit on the pad and push down. Very effective. Repetition is good for you. You alter the tension with a simple adjustment.


There are 2 exercises for your legs. The one is termed 'the scissor kick'. This is basically sitting or lying down and pushing the handles down using your legs. The other exercise is called 'bicycling'. I love it. You simply sit in a chair, put your feet on the bars and cycle away. You can take it easy or put everything into it. You will get out of it what you put into it.

Push Up:

The push-ups are great because you feel like you are getting a bit of help from the handles under your middle and at the same time you get the feeling of working your arms and stomach.


If space is an issue this Ab Sculptor is for you. It is also small enough and light enough to travel with you on business or holiday. Twenty minutes every day will give you an excellent all around workout.

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    I have been using this product for the last five months and it has really helped me improve my core strength. A few weeks ago I had a concern because a friend told me not to do more than 5 repetitions at a time. After visiting the shop to talk to Andy my mind was put at ease and I am back to doing all the reps I feel comfortable with. Excellent product

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    Same as the one I saw on television, but different name and cheaper price. Does what it says on the tin. Very small, easy to carry, works really well.

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