Crazy Fit Massage (With Music Function)

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Crazy Fit Massage (With Music Function)

  • 99 speeds
  • MP3 Loudspeaker System
  • 10 Pre-set programs
  • BMI Sensor


Andy's Crazy Fit Massage (With Music Function) Review

Easy Street

To help you get fit at home, the vibration technology is the easiest to use and gives wonderful results for the effort required. Used in wellness centres since the mid 1800’s the vibrations tone the body and repair damage by expanding and contracting the muscle tissue. This allows blood to flow in the opened capillaries, and gives you more strength, better balance, and a tightening of the torso.

Enhances Everything

Strengthen your core muscles by exercising at home. You can do squats, thrusts and the plank without a home exercise machine, but whatever you do on the Crazy-Fit will be enhanced. Therefore, the results will be more rapid and more pronounced.

Good for What?

Good for slimming (along with a calorie-controlled diet), good for losing bat wings, good for losing love handles, good for toning up, good for restless legs, good for a whole host of health and fitness issues.

Makes Unsteady, Steady

The solid handles make this piece of home gym equipment the best for you if you are uncomfortable balancing on a small vibration plate. You can hold the handles and feel confident in what you are doing.

Music While you work

Play music through your mp3 player to help pass the time whilst you exercise. Music always makes exercising at home easier.

Why are they in all the best Gyms?

Because they work. Spend 10 minutes at a time, standing, sitting, doing push ups or some other exercise, and you will see instant results.

  1. :

    I love this machine. It is very quiet and very easy to use. Most of the time I use it before going on the treadmill-pro, but when I don’t want to get hot and sweaty, it is the ideal exercise machine for toning and slimming.

  2. :

    I like the Crazy Fit better than the other vibration plates because of the solid handles. I am not sure that I have great balance, so the handles help me feel secure.
    After just 3 and a half weeks I dropped dress size. I recommend the crazy fit to everyone.

  3. :

    Andy was kind enough to do a part-ex with the ultrathin vibration machine. The Crazy Fit has solid handles, which is better if you do not have great balance.
    I always feel better when I use the machine, which tends to be in spurts. Some weeks on and some weeks off. An easy machine to use, so I don’t know why I lack motivation?

  4. :

    My husband is in his 80’s and the doctor said he needed more exercise. Andy at the Cardio Shop recommended the Crazy Fit vibration machine, and told us to check with the doctor first. The doctor approved the idea and now my husband uses it every day. It is a wonderful machine and we have recommended it to other people.

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