Vibra Wave Vibration Plate

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  • Stylish Black
  • Sleek Look
  • 74 x 41cm (29 x 16″)
  • Remote Control
  • 99 Speeds
  • Resistance Bands for Extra Exercise
  • Easy to use
  • Full Body Toning
  • Free Delivery

I read an article with the title “Wobble Away the Fat”.

The writer said that she lost her belly fat and her love handles, just by standing then sitting on her vibration plate for 10 minutes at a time. Madonna uses one, Kylie uses one and Ronaldo uses one. They may not have much fat to lose, but it helps keep them toned.

Why 99 Speeds?

Most vibration plates offer speed variations up to 20 levels. For most people that is all you need, but to have the option of 99 different speeds is just awesome. It is the change in the speeds that keeps the body unstable, and therefore works the muscles hard to keep you balanced. In simple terms, the more speed variety, the better it is for you.

Listen to the Music

In the grand scheme of things, exercising at home for 10 minutes at a time, is easy to do. However, it can be a long 10 minutes if you are just standing still. Therefore, it is a benefit to have a music option during your exercise. Either pair up to Bluetooth or simply play some pre-recorded music using a USB stick. It certainly helps me exercise, and encourages me to do more squats, push ups and lunges.

Wider than most.

It is all very well having a tiny machine, but the Vibra Wave Vibration Plate is a full 29” wide, which means it is easier to find comfortable positions for both standing and sitting on the machine.

Exercise Made Easy

I had lunch in the local pub today and overheard two ladies in their seventies chatting away. “I need to lose some weight” said the first lady. “So do I” replied the second. “Shall we have cheese on the garlic bread?” “May as well” was the reply.

That is a scenario we can all empathise with. We want to lose weight, but we are not willing to make any sacrifices to get there. So, at least you can do some exercise, and the Vibra Wave Vibration Plate is the easiest place to start.

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    Brilliant! I have had problems with my hips for ages, and it takes me a while to get moving without discomfort in the mornings. The vibration machine has made a world of difference. It also came with some magnets to help the blood circulation.

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