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A great range of Exercise Bikes & Spin Bikes for you …

The Cardio Shop offers a range of Exercise Bikes and Spin Bikes to suit all ages and abilities. From our PED pedal exercise bike which is designed to offer simple exercise whilst sitting in your own chair, right up to our Spin Bikes which allows you stand up and replicate what you would do on a road bike.

The important thing about exercise bikes is that they offer superb cardiovascular activity but with very little stress put on the joints. You get low impact and high results in terms of health benefits. Your heart and lungs are engaged with the cardiovascular exercise which in turn helps boost endurance. Muscle strength is enhanced and it is a great calorie burner.

You will burn calories dependent upon the amount of resistance used, the speed you cycle and the length of time you are on the bike. We all burn calories at different rates depending upon a number of factors including body weight. Typically you would burn around 500 calories an hour on a stationary exercise bike, but it could be double that.
Good alternatives for cardiovascular exercise would be using a treadmill for the home or even more fun would be some home fitness equipment for a boxing workout.

Indoor cycling has many benefits over outdoor riding.

No vehicles to contend with.

No stopping and starting at roundabouts, junctions or traffic lights.

Much safer.

Cycle at a speed that suits you, with no speed limits and no obstructions.

No wind, rain, snow or sunburn.

Stop when you have had enough, and you are already home.

Simply choose the exercise bike that suits you best. Choose from high resistance or low resistance. Select a bike with an upright sitting posture or lean over the handlebars. Have something with a backrest or a pedal from your own seat. All our exercise bikes come with a display that lets you know how your exercise is going. None of the bikes take up much room and some of them can be folded up for easy storage.

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