Body Slimmer Vibration Machine

Body Slimmer Vibration Machine


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Body Slimmer Vibration Machine

  • Red, Green, Pink, Blue, Black
  • 99 Speeds
  • Resistance Bands
  • Remote Control
  • Max Weight Capacity 150kg (23.5 stone)
  • Easy Store
  • Full,Body Toning
  • Lose Weight Without Sweating
  • 10 Pre-Set 15 minute programs


Andy's Body Slimmer Review

By using the Body Slimmer Vibration machine on a regular basis, you will tone up. Over a period of time the vibration machine will also help you lose weight, and very importantly it will help you maintain the weight loss. Take a look at the study in the NEWS section from Antwerp University, which explains how good it is for weight loss.

This is the vibration machine that I have at home. It sits on the landing and takes up very little space. It is used for 15 minutes first thing in the morning and again just before bedtime. The vibration machine is very quiet so it doesn’t disturb other people in the house or the neighbours.

Can it help aches and pains and injuries?

I am not a doctor and I would always recommend checking with your doctor if you have any concerns about using any fitness equipment. However, my customers are telling me that the vibration machine is helping in different ways. It is great if you suffer from restless legs because it helps settle the legs down and so improve sleep. One customer who had an ankle problem found that it was completely cured by using the vibration plate. The vibration opens up the capillaries which increases the blood cells and aids recovery.

Speed Variation

The Cardio Shop Body Slimmer Vibration Machine helps you improve overall fitness and body toning due to the use of varying speeds of vibration. There are 99 speeds to choose from and you can rapidly increase the speed by use of a button on the remote control. Alternatively you can set the machine to use any 1 of 10 different pre-set programmes. The speed will change every couple of seconds, and this has a great effect on the muscles. Your body is momentarily thrown off its axis by the vibration machine, and your muscles then work twice as hard to correct the movement. With the vibration and variation in speed, this action is working continuously.

Where can I find more information?

There are lots of reports, studies and websites that offer information about whole body vibration machines. One of the best I have found can be seen at

Andy’s Conclusion

I like the body slimmer vibration machine because it is small, simple to use and very effective. It is my vibration machine of choice because of the rapid variation in speed.

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    We chose this vibration plate because it is very simple to use. No frills, just a great vibration machine that we use to help keep our muscles in good shape. Marvellous equipment and helpful advice as always from Andy.

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    I use this vibrating machine because I suffer from restless legs which means it is difficult to get to sleep. Since using the machine just before I go to bed, I have slept much better.

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