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Vibration Dumbbell:

The vibration is meant to intensify your muscle exercise by up to 50 percent, since it will let muscles in your hands and arms to quickly contract and relax in response, burning more energy in a shorter time frame and resulting in a longer afterburn time.


  • Vibrating dumbbell
  • Rechargeable batteries


  • Battery power: 2000mah
  • Input: DC 8.4v, Power:10W
  • Charge time: 3 hours
  • Vibration time: 6 hours
  • Product measures: 15.5*, 15.5*, 20.5cm


Andy's The Cardio Shop Vibrating Dumbbell Review

The Deceiving Look

This tiny dumbbell/kettlebell is very innocuous looking. Don’t be deceived by the 16cm diameter object. It weighs in at just 1.1kg and it has 2 x 1kg weights that can be added onto this extraordinary piece of equipment. There is a choice of blue, pink or whit, but do not be fooled by this appearance because the Cardio Shop Vibrating Dumbbell packs a punch.

What will it do for you?

The Cardio Shop Vibrating Dumbbell will strengthen and tone muscles in your legs, buttocks and arms, just by following the simple exercises. The vibrating of the dumbbell can enhance the effect on the muscles by over 50% which will help you burn calories more easily.

How does it pack a Punch?

By doing the exercises in the manual and repeating the actions several times you will feel an immediate benefit. Each time you use the kettle/dumbbell you can increase the repetitions which will help build and tone the muscles.


The vibrating dumbbell gives you a great feeling of well-being when you use it to massage various parts of the body. Just hold the dumbbell on your arm, leg, or wherever you feel aching or soreness.

Value for Money

The Cardio Shop Vibrating Dumbbell is a good-quality, well-made piece of equipment that is easy to charge and easy to use. It could be your choice of exercise equipment that you can use at home, in the office or on your travels. It is fun to use and it could be the best money you have ever spent. Great for all ages, sizes and lifestyles.

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White, Pink, Blue

  1. :

    My fingers were arthritic. The kettlebell really helps.

  2. :

    I am trying to tone my arms and lose the flabby bits. Most days I use the vibrating dumbbell and it feels like my arms are slowly improving.

  3. :

    I am a senior citizen and I find that my muscle strength is not what it used to be. The vibrating dumbbell really works well and helps the muscle build again.

  4. :

    I am not trying to build muscle but I wanted to keep my arms toned. I bought 2 of the vibrating dumbbells and by following the exercises it really helps.

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