Six Pack Care Power Plank

Six Pack Care Power Plank Ab Trainer


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  • 5 Settings
  • Abdominal Workout
  • Fold Away
  • Easy Set Up
  • 5 Minute Workout
  • Perfect Plank Positioning


Andy’s Review Six Pack Care Power Plank Ab Trainer

This ab trainer brings something different to the party as far as core muscle exercising goes. We know that the plank position is an excellent exercise for core conditioning, improving your posture and improving balance. As well as working the upper body, it also works the legs and buttocks. First of all it is simple to use. There are 6 different setting, taking you from easy to difficult. The shallower the setting the easier it is, but working on a low setting means you can do more repetitions, and that is what’s good for you. The effort you put into working on this machine will give you some good cardiovascular exercise as well as firming up your upper body. I had read that this a 5 minute exerciser! Well, not 5 minutes in one go for me. Just 30 seconds on a high resistance is tough going and 1 minute on a low resistance feels like a long time. If you don’t bring your knees up high enough then it odes not register as a repletion, so there is no cheating. The display on the screen is very good and tells you exactly how you are doing. After use the Plank folds up easily and neatly for storage. Conclusion Oh so simple, but oh so powerful. An absolute winner for a proper ab workout.
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    Loving the power plank. Had 2 weeks off on holiday and need to get back on it. Takes up very little space and does a great job on strengthening my core.

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