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Best Quality Water Rowing Machine …

Andy spent over 12 months sourcing a top quality water rowing machine at the right price. The Cardio Shop is now very pleased to announce the arrival of the superb Water Rowing Machines. They come in a choice of beautifully crafted hardwood to give a sleek and classy finish, or the super modern looking steel & aluminium metal rower.

It is well known that swimming is probably the best exercise you can do in terms of strengthening all the major muscle groups and giving a great cardio workout. Unfortunately it is not always easy to build a swimming pool in your house. The next best exercise is a water rowing machine. You can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour, whilst strengthening your abs, legs, back and arms.

The water rowers offer comfortable, easy to use, smooth action, quality exercise. Low maintenance and long lasting. The closest you can get to actually being on the river, but in the comfort of your own home.

If you have the room, it is always good to vary your workout when doing home fitness. You can add to your cardio equipment with a treadmill for the home. Maybe you prefer something with less impact than running, which could lead you to a stationary exercise bike. All cardio exercise has benefits, so it is just a matter of what home fitness equipment you like best.

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