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The best Treadmills for the home …

Our treadmills are of top quality, look great and solve a problem as well.

It is all good and well to go for a stroll or take the dogs out, but in order to gain maximum health benefits you should either walk at a good pace, jog or run. This will improve your cardiovascular health which means a strong heart to ensure a proper blood supply to other organs. If the weather was always at a moderate temperature without rain, it would be good to train outside. However, training outside has its downside because of the uneven surface, the light and the traffic.

If you use one of our treadmills you get all the health benefits without the disadvantages. You will build endurance and make inroads into losing weight whilst exercising on a slightly cushioned running surface that is well lit and predictable. Unlike other pieces of equipment you may come across, the treadmill is easy to use and the impact of your feet on the running belt helps stimulate bone growth.

Of course, you can use treadmills at the gym, but it may be more cost effective to buy your own. A home treadmill means you can train when you want to and for however long you want to. It makes no sense to get all geared up for the gym and drive there just to do 20 minutes exercise. With your home treadmill you can walk, run or jog at your pace, in your own time and choose the music you like at the volume that suits you.

As well as burning away those unwanted calories and improving your physical well-being, you will be exercising your brain. Aerobic exercise can help people feel less stressed and improve memory. A recent study found that people with severe depression had a significant reduction in depression if they used a treadmill for just 30 minutes a day for 10 consecutive days.

Another study published in May 2017 found that people between the ages of 60 and 88 strengthened connectivity in the region of the brain to do with memory loss, after walking on treadmills for 30 minutes, just 4 days a week. This may also be the reason why exercise can help protect against Alzheimer’s disease.

For those of you who like the idea of cardio exercise, but would prefer an alternative to a treadmill, it may be best to look at a stationary exercise bike, or maybe a rowing machine. They are both designed to give you a good cardio workout and it is important that you find a piece of home exercise equipment that you like and enjoy using.

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