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Full Body Vibration Technology with our Vibration Plates and Vibration Fitness Machines.

The Victorians were the first beneficiaries of the vibration technology for well-being and fitness. Discovered in 1857 by a Swedish doctor, Gustav Zander, he opened several Zander Institutes which were the forerunners to today’s health clubs. It was the vibration belt that was first used to improve blood circulation.

In 1895 John Kellog took some time away from his breakfast cereal and invented a full body vibration chair. It is from these early pieces of apparatus that we have discovered many benefits from using Vibration Plates and Vibration Machines..

The predecessor to the modern vibration fitness machines was the Rhythmic Neuromuscular Stimulators invented in East Germany during the 1960’s. The technology was then used by Russian Cosmonauts to help repair muscle wastage and loss of bone density due to weightlessness. It was the vibration technology that allowed the cosmonauts to achieve a world record of over 400 days in Space in 1995.

Full Body Vibration fitness machines have been used to help prevent injuries to Olympic athletes and also to help repair any injuries that do occur. These days the vibration plates and machines are used by NASA, sports teams, athletes, medical centres, spas and gymnasiums around the world.

The Cardio Shop offers a range of vibration plate machines that work with an oscillating vibration for minimal vertical impact on the body. The machines reduce stress on the organs and keeps the spine flexible. These pivotal machines allow the muscles to contract alternatively on either side of the body.

Unless you are pregnant the Cardio Shop vibration plate machines and vibration machines can be used by just about anybody, whether you are an Olympic athlete or an unfit overweight person. If you are unsure or are carrying an injury just check with your doctor before using the machines.

The vibrations will increase lean muscle and aid metabolism. Cellulite will be significantly reduced because the improved blood circulation will increase your body’s ability to drain toxins and lymphatic waste.

A simple 10 minute workout will work on your muscles the same way a one hour gym session will. Studies have been carried out to show improvement in diabetics, and amazing weight loss results when coupled with a calorie controlled diet. You will start noticing results in only a few weeks of using the machines for 10 minutes at a time on a regular basis.

After using the vibration plates for a short time you will notice that your body has toned up. You could then add some core muscle equipment to your home fitness products. These will enhance all the improvements made by the vibration machines. Of course, if all this exercise becomes too much for you, just get yourself a good massage machine, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

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